Thursday, March 10, 2016

Looking for feet to fall on

The stereotypical Desis have a deficiency that has brought misery to them time and again.  Yet, they have not learnt from it.  Many Desis are so deep into hero worship that they are quick to elevate someone to the status of "Mai Baap (parents)" or even to the status of the Almighty.  It is no wonder that criminal god men in India get a serious following of thousands of devotees thronging around them like flies on stale turd.  It was for this reason, that in the stratified Indian society,  a handful of British were able establish an Empire, rape the land and the people and rule effectively for 200 years! In the latest instance, a new poster has been in the news supporting Trump.  Trump has been shown sitting on a lotus like Lord Vishnu!

Supporting Trump is okay if you like his agenda, but this?!  This is beyond ridiculous.  To support someone you don't have to be so fawning that you place them alongside your deities!  Hopefully someday the Desis will learn some self-respect. From this poster, that day, however, seems far away!

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