Friday, August 5, 2016

I am reproducing an old poetry by Rudyad Kipling  that was written during the Raj era.


In Tropical climes there are those times
When the citizens oft retire
to sit and pant and catch their breath
to be dormant and perspire

The thieves don't care; the bandits don’t dare
The Hindus sleep till one
But mad dogs and Englishmen
Go wander  in the sun

In the Philipines they have the screens
to protect you from the glare
In the Malayasia they have the hats
which the Brit will just not wear

At twelve noon the locals swoon
and no more work is done
But mad dogs and Englishmen
go wandering in the sun

When the world sits in shade
All the people see
The Englishman dons his solar hat
and rides around in glee

When the English claim the Earth these days
The people just poke fun
‘Cause mad dogs and Englishmen
Go out in the midday sun

In a jungle town where the Sun beats down
to the rage of man and beast
The English garb of the Englishman
Gets merely a bit more creased

The outdoors people shun at noon
The morning chores are done
But mad dogs and Englishmen
Keep wandering in the sun

The logic isn’t so hollow
Even the fools choose to follow
one must avoid the solar rays
In the heat of the tropical days

In Hong Kong they strike a gong
and fire off a noonday gun
But mad dogs and Englishmen
go out in the midday sun

In the mangorve swamps
where the python romps
there is peace from twelve till two
The deer lie and go to sleep
for there's nothing else to do

At noon in the humid tropics
Moving is seldom done
But mad dogs and Englishmen

Go out in the midday sun

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The bloody conception of Pakistan - in Kerala

The Bloody Conception of Pakistan - in Kerala !

I had often wondered what the British gained by breaking Greater India into India and Pakistan.  Growing up I had asked this question and had been told that this was simply done so that if Greater India was left intact, it would become a mighty country - something that the British did not want.  I now know that this was a flawed explanation.  It was merely an uneducated guess.  The correct answer is more complex.

The origin of the problem lies in the "Khilafat movement" that lasted from 1919 to 1921. Growing up we were told that the word Khilafat came from the Urdu word "Khilaf" (meaning against).  To the simple minded Indian student the obvious made sense - "British ke khilaf" (against the British) hence Khilafat.  But, not so fast.... There in lies the cleverly hidden lie that our "secular" historians have perpetrated simply by obscuring the details of this movement and encouraging the apparent false connection between "Khilafat" and the Urdu word "Khilaf" that comes as a default to the reader's mind.

The history books that most Indians learn History from during their school years are thoroughly sanitized.  As a result, students do not understand why the river of history chose its course. The reasons that led to these major historical events have been expunged from the History books for one simple reason - that it would be an uncomfortable truth for Muslims with and Hindus would be ashamed of it.  Also, it hides Hindu cowardice so that they can be lulled into staying tolerant and not only go on sticking with the absurdities of their superstition laden faith but stay tangled in their internal division and conflicts.
In this case, Khilafat referred to the Muslim Caliphate (that is headed by a "Khalifa").  In those days, the Arab countries were a mess.  The Muslims of Kerala aka Malabar Muslims aka Moplah Muslims (who, in their pipedream considered themselves to be descendants of Arabs) declared that they did not want to be ruled by the non-Muslim British. They declared their allegiance to the Ottoman Sultan of Turkey as their new Khalifa. The Khilafat movement was, therefore, a purely Muslim uprising. It was not only directed at the British, but also at the Hindus as both were infidel kaffirs.  A large number of Hindus were brutally murdered in this uprising by the "Moplah" people of North Kerala.  The brutality exhibited by todays Daesh (ISIS) pales in comparison to what the Moplah did to the Hindus of Malabar.  

A fifty year old Gandhi who had arrived from Africa five years earlier in 1915 saw an opportunity.  He and some other equally myopic Hindu leaders (including V.D. Savarkar) who were trying to dislodge the British from India made a pact with the devil and lent support to the blood thirsty Muslim fanatics by publicly owning their participation in the Khilafat movement.  

The British never expected this from the Hindus especially since they themselves were being massacred.  It was the worst form of treachery they could imagine.  The leaders of a people who were themselves being slaughtered by the Moplah Muslims were throwing their support to them just to dislodge the British?!  The Hindu treachery was unbelievable. Within a couple of years the British had replaced the Ottoman sultan of Turkey by a military officer named Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who put Turkey on a secular path.  This took the wind out of the sail of the Khilafat movement. Most of the Khilafat movement barbarians were arrested and sent to the cellular jails in Andaman.  Some were deported. Some of these were Hindus too!

As a result of the Khilafat movment two things were happened:

a) The Muslim league  - that was to ultimately break Greater India became immensely powerful in Indian Politics, and

b)the British developed a visceral dislike for the Hindu leaders who the began to regard as opportunistic and treacherous towards their own people.

The Hindu leaders were seen as people who had sold their souls to the devil.  The British quietly swore revenge. 

Mohammad Iqbal, peeved by the 1913 Nobel prize going to Rabindra Nath Tagore, first asked for a separate homeland for the Muslims in 1930. The British entertained the idea and when Britain got battered in World War II and could not hold on to the colonies, they were more than happy to split the country. Both communities got what they wanted. The became destined to keep going at each others' throats for as long as the two nations exist.  The British had exacted their revenge and two cursed nations were born. 

Today the Hindus have Pakistan at the doorstep and fanatic Islam around their neck in "secular" India.  Thank the British and the Hindu leaders for it.  Till this day the "secularism" of Kerala has been safeguarded by the Congress and the Communist Parties.  Their pusillanimous Hindu leaders pander to the fanatics and the separatists.  

Your understanding of the above will not be complete till you read excerpts of the report on the Malabar Rebillion (Khilafat movement) reproduced below:


In point of magnitude, organisation, and the atrocities committed by the rebels, this rising in the Moplah country is unparalleled in the history of Malabar, or for the matter of that in the history of the whole of India." (Madras Mail, November l9th, 1921). 

The history of the Moplah rebellion would be a history of the atrocities committed by the Moplah rebels against the Hindus, and to describe them in detail would fill a volume. There is hardly a Hindu in the rebel area who has not suffered and a general idea can be formed by a perusal of the memorial submitted by the women of Malabar to H. E. The Countess of Reading, an extract from which is appended:— 

" May it please your gracious and compassionate Ladyship, 

We, the Hindu women of Malabar of varying ranks and stations in life who have recently been overwhelmed by the tremendous catastrophe known as the Moplah rebellion, have taken the liberty to supplicate your Lady- ship for sympathy and succor. 

Your Ladyship is doubtless aware that though our unhappy district has witnessed many Moplah outbreaks in the course of the last 100 years, the present rebellion is unexampled in magnitude and unprecedented in its ferocity. But it is possible that Your Ladyship is not fully apprised of all the horrors and atrocities perpetrated by the fiends;  and of the many wells and tanks filled up with the mutilated, but often only half dead bodies of our nearest and dearest ones who refused to abandon the faith of our Fathers; of pregnant women cut to pieces and left on the roadside and in the jungles, with the unborn baby protruding from the mangled corpse ; of our innocent and helpless children torn from our arms and done to death before our eyes and of our husbands and fathers tortured, flayed and burnt alive ; of our helpless sisters forcibly carried away from the midst of kith and kin and to every shame and outrage which the vile and brutal imagination of these inhuman hell hounds could conceive of; of thousands of our homesteads reduced to cinder mounds out of sheer savagery and a wanton spirit of destruction of our places of worship desecrated and destroyed and of the images of the deity shamefully insulted by putting the entrails of slaughtered cows where flower garlands used to lie, or else smashed to pieces; of the wholesale looting of hard-earned wealth of generations, reducing many who were formerly rich and prosperous to publicly beg for a pice (paisa) or two in. the streets of Calicut; or chilly or betel-leaf, rice being mercifully provided by the various relief agencies.  These are not fables. There are wells full of rotting skeletons, the ruin that once were our dear homes, the heaps, of stones on which a young man received 18 sword cuts on his back. 

What once were our places of worship- they are still here to attest to the truth. The cries of our murdered children in their death agonies are still ringing in our ears and will continue to haunt our memory till death will bring us peace. We have been driven out of our native hamlets. We wandered starving and naked in the jungles and forests ; we remember how we choked and stifled our babies cries lest the sound should  betray our hiding places to our relentless pursuers. We still vividly realize the moral and spiritual agony that thousands of us passed through when we were forcibly converted into the faith professed by these bloodthirsty miscreants ; we still have before us the sight of the unendurable, and life-long misery of those unhappy sisters who born and brought up in respectable families have been forcibly converted and then married to convict coolies. For five long months not a day has passed without its dread tale of horror to unfold."


These are classified below : — 
(a) Brutally dishonouring women, 
(b) Flaying people alive, 

(c) Wholesale slaughter of men, women and children, 

(d) Forcibly converting people in thousands, and murdering those who refused to be convert. 

(e) Throwing half-dead people into wells, and leaving the victims for hours, to struggle till finally- 
released from their sufferings by death. 

(f) Burning a great many and looting practically all Hindu and Christian houses, in the disturbed area, in which even Mopla women and children took part, and robbing women, of even the garments on their bodies, in short reducing the whole non-moslem population to abject destitution. 

(g) Cruelly insulting the religious sentiments of the Hindus, by desecrating and destroying numerous temples, in the disturbed area, killing cows within the temple precincts, putting their entrails on the holy images and hanging the skulls on the walls and roofs.  

On 14th November 1921, a large body of armed Moplah entered the house of Puzhikal Narayanan Nair, a wealthy landlord of Nannambra Amsom. They looted the house, carried off one of the girls and a boy captive, seized nine of the occupants and brought them to a neighbouring rock where they murdered seven of them. Five died at once, and two lingered for a few hours. The other two grievously wounded were left lying on the spot. A boy in the house — Madhavan Nair — was killed and thrown into a well. Narayanan Nair made his escape. 

The Special Judge who tried the case against the Moplahs remarked, " to my mind this murderous attack indicate something more than mere fanaticism or lust for looting. There is no evidence that the murders were committed because the murdered persons refused to embrace Islam, or resisted the rebels, or refused to show property. The rebels seem to have meant to kill every male in the place whom they could catch hold of, and" the only survivors were those who either got away or were left as dead. The abduction of a young girl and a boy shows the deliberate ferocity of the attack." (Judgement in cases Nos. 116 and -116 A of 1922.) 

Narayanan Nair trusted his Moplah watchmen, whom he engaged to watch his house and they turned traitors. The Moplahs wanted to exterminate the family and very nearly succeeded in doing so. The girl was rescued from the hands of the rebels after a detention of six weeks and after suffering indescribable indignities.