Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Holi and Happy Chaharshanbe suri!

"Sorkhiye tu az man, zardiye az man tu!"

The ancient Aryan chant in Farsi that translate as - Give me your redness (health) and take away my yellowness (sickness).  This chant is addressed to fire, which as per ancient Aryan belief, is the messenger of the creator.  Millions of people of Aryan origins around the world celebrate spring by venerating the fire.  The Christians venerate the fire by lighting candles during Easter,  The Tajik and Iranians jump over small bonfires and the Hindus celebrate the night before the Holi festival with a big bonfire.

Chaharshambe (Wednesday) Suri (of the Sun) is being celebrated around the World this month. So is Holi.  Both festivals have common roots.  Even the mythological tale behind both festivals are similar.  The Hindus of India talk of Prahlad and Holika.  Our Persian counterparts have to the story of Sheiavash and Saudaba.  Wishing both Ajaam and Hindus a Happy New year!  

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